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Главная » Статьи » Тексты песен » So ljubоv od Toše (2011)

How could I

It was a coldest day in December
A day I always will remember
I looked into your eyes
And faced my deepest fear
I had drifted too far
Far from you my dear

So how could I
Turn away from the one I love
How could I
When I know what my heart's made of
Could it be
That your soul lives inside of me
How could I ever say good-bye
Why was I so afraid to tell her
That for her I would fight a thousand soldiers
But just like an angry child
I kept my feelings locked inside
There were rivers of tears
Flowing from her eyes

When you fall in love
You never know how long it lasts
But the one thing I knew in my heart
Is that I was fading much too fast

Категория: So ljubоv od Toše (2011) | Добавил: Indgi (02.03.2011)
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